Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Testing" the Anthrax Vaccine on Children

SPEAK OUT! The Presidential Commission set forth to evaluate "Testing" the Anthrax Vaccine on Children will likely proceed to do so, as unconscionable as it is. I saw the BioEthics(?) meeting of 1/15/13 and they have created every excuse in the book to make this appear reasonable. We must STOP them.

Sallie explains about our soldiers and children being the main targets. The fallacies, doctors forced  to give vaccines, and having to get an unaffordable lawyer to get an exemption, and turning the tables. 

New Legislation: "Henceforth, All Vaccines will be Tested on Elected Officials ...and Administration Appointees"

Also see my blog for two older bills:


2) The construction of a "National Memorial to Vaccine Victims" on the Mall in Washingtion, DC

More info on the Commission here:

To your health!, Sallie
Sallie O. Elkordy for NYC Public Advocate
Thank-you Sallie...The Mother Earth and All Children of the Planet Earth are Grateful...

Wrote a paper in school on this 15 years ago. This is really happening... kids being used in experiments are taken from poor families, kept in a hospital setting where they are denied food and subjected to tests out the butt to "study them."
 A radio show called coast to coast am recently had a debate on vaccines.
1st part was a Dr. Bloom, who loves vaccines. He tripped up when he talked about that Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR Fourth Edition) The book offers about 900 pages on symptom diagnosis. He kept referring to this book, but never told people it was psychiatrists making the diagnosis for Autism. He always used the word "people" when referring to who is making the diagnosis. Omitting shows evasion; pretending it scares people (if he did) is wrong. Cause those "People" are scary and fake. Psychiatrist make money from a made-up system  that's perverted; to up the anty in every new addition of the DSM-IV.
Schizophrenia is an illness where people hear talking in their brain, and respond to this invisible friend. Actually; a timing problem in consciousness is causing a non-synchronization in the electrical repose of the brain and easily fixed.
A "video game" developed can calibrate and correct timing .
The medications given to schizophrenics is horrid, and is a chemical shock therapy. Personal, and caring method that works is not recognized, because no money can be made off such action.
Families suffer when a member has this problem, and it can be fixed 100%...telling

Very telling, on the show; the other side, of the debate..
A Natural Health Practitioner from Switzerland (RED FLAG) who was just as bad.
No a mention of illnesses targeted by vaccines caused by poisons in our environment. Natural huh?
On this blog find out about Switzerland area for focus on the truth of our poisoners. You will find out that the UN and WHO (World Health Organization) is really located there. Did you know?

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