Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bedrock of vaccination theory crumbles as science reveals antibodies not necessary to fight viruses

"It turns out that the body’s natural immune systems, comprised of both innate and adaptive components, work together to ward off disease without the need for antibody-producing vaccines.

While the medical, pharmaceutical, and vaccine industries are busy pushing new vaccines for practically every condition under the sun, a new study published in the journal Immunity completely deconstructs the entire vaccination theory."

Do you think this info will be ignored, like all the info from science that has shown us pesticides do horrible damage to our bodies and the Earth. Remember , 1 in 100 of children vaccinated get autism, while the unvaccinated Amish population have a 1 in 10,000 rate of autism.

Jon Rappoport agrees with me, and points to chemical and biological pollution as the cause and virus used to cover up the mess.
    "“Oh, the mosquito carries the West Nile virus!” Really? Even if no one ever found such a virus?
    Remember Swine Flu? The whole planet was going to go down. In the end, WHO announced the total global death figure as 20,000. Then, in a mindless burst of revisionism this year, the total was changed to 580,000.

     Here’s a number for you. Three maniacal spokespeople from the CDC, backed by five major television networks, can brainwash the public about a virus in seven days.

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