Thursday, August 8, 2013

Teething Opens the Brain Barrier for Vaccine Damage

Teething produces hisatamines, which open the blood brain barrier.

Vaccinating during teething gives neurotoxins direct access to your baby's brain.

It is not something the mainstream media likes to talk about, or that mainstream health authorities will likely ever admit to, but vaccine-induced brain damage is prevalent in today's society, especially as an increasing number of vaccines are added to the childhood vaccination schedule.
Do you know how many parents are in prison for life, because their child was killed by a vaccination? Many and many!

"A new Canadian study has found that babies born by cesarean section or formula fed have a distinctly different makeup of bacteria inside their guts — something that could have consequences for the baby’s health or immune system development....

Babies are born as “clean slates” but as they pass through their mother’s vaginas, they pick up microbial hitchhikers that colonize their guts and form a foundation for their developing microbiomes.

Recent research suggests that the mother’s body prepares itself for this microbial hand-off. One study has shown that pregnant women’s vaginas proliferate with Lactobacillus johnsonii, bacteria normally found inside the gastrointestinal tract. This bacteria helps with milk digestion — and, theoretically, are passed along to the baby to prepare them for breastfeeding.

But what happens when babies miss out on the chance to pick up these microbes from their mothers? According to this recent study, infants born by elective cesareans had an underrepresentation of Escherichia-Shigella (a bacterial group that includes E. coli) compared with babies born by natural delivery. Another kind of bacteria, called Bacteriodetes, was also “virtually undetectable” in C-section babies.

When it comes to diet, infants who were fed formula had higher levels of certain bacterial families, one of which includes C. difficile.

C. difficile is a pathogen found in only about 10 per cent of people; if it grows out of control, it can cause diarrhea of serious inflammation in the colon. The bacteria has also been associated with asthma and wheeze in children, according to Kozyrskyj. "

"Many years of study ahead" ???= BULLSHIT =!!!

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