Monday, February 22, 2016

Dengue Vaccine Regional Approval

GMO VACCINE...tetravalent chimeric vaccine made using recombinant DNA technology by replacing the PrM (pre-membrane) and E (envelope) structural genes of the yellow fever attenuated 17D strain vaccine with those from each of the four dengue serotypes.[2][3]

The vaccination series consists of three injections at 0, 6 and 12 months.[3] The vaccine was approved in Mexico, Philippines, and Brazil in December 2015, expected to be the first among the 20 countries in the coming weeks. Tradenamed Dengvaxia, it is approved for use for those aged nine and older and can prevent all four serotypes.[8].

"Dengvaxia (CYD-TDV) is what’s called a live recombinant tetravalent dengue vaccine and is administered in three doses and is currently in Phase III clinical trials (4). It is currently registered for use in those ranging 9-45 years of age living in endemic areas -- where the illness is commonly found (4). According to its maker, Sanofi, Dengvaxia has shown to reduce dengue prevalence due to each of the four serotypes in 66% of the a subset of 9-16 year olds that participated in their two Phase III, 25 month efficacy studies (5). Despite this, it has also been found that the vaccine has significantly lower efficacy in protection against dengue-1 and 2 versus that of dengue-3 and 4 (4)."
healthmap/site/diseasedaily/article/finally-vaccine-against-dengue-1516#sthash.INu8Uulk.dpuf not said in this LINK!

All we need to do is find a mosquito that has Wolbachia...and then find it's water source which is probably full of this bacteria...
Pesticides are probably why the mosquitoes are not having this bacteria in it in the 1st place!

State of Emergency...signed in effect because we all are going to die from mosquito bites! The State of Hawai'i wants to "SAVE"... us while they all make a pretty profit.

With GMO Vaccines, use of pesticide spray on people against their will (that causes birth defects), and Gene Drive is coming up for sure!

But, guess what...Read on...(I guess you want me to go through it all...But, wait read this 1st...You wouldn't be on my blog if you didn't understand the situation already...)

Eliminate Dengue, and Zika naturally..better then sterilizing through genetically modified gene drive...Monsanto stole the idea from nature, like they always do to own a patent, and make a profit...

The diagram above explains Cytoplasmic Incompatibility and how releasing a limited number of mosquitoes with Wolbachiato breed with wild mosquitoes, over a small number of generations, will result in all the mosquitoes having Wolbachia.

When male mosquitoes with Wolbachiamate with female wild mosquitoes without Wolbachia, those females will have eggs but they won’t hatch.

When male mosquitoes with Wolbachiamate with females that are already carrying Wolbachia, the mating will be normal and all the offspring will have Wolbachia.

When female mosquitoes with Wolbachiamate with males without Wolbachia, all her offspring will have Wolbachia.

Works for Zika too...

Naturally existing strains of Wolbachia have been shown to be a route for vector control strategies because of their presence in arthropod populations, such as mosquito populations.[42][43] Due to the unique traits of Wolbachia that cause cytoplasmic incompatibility, this strain is useful as a promoter of genetic drive within a population.

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