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CDC Cites Dr. Poul Thorsen ~ He's Wanted by Dept of Justice

Just too weird how these people look so alike...

ALL OF THESE MEN ARE DEADLY EVIL..They lie and lie...about the safety of vaccines.
They are all into Genome studies too... EUGENICS!
The 126 studies with Thorsen's name should be thrown out the window...

"Thorsen p" - PubMed - NCBI
You will soon understand why Autism, vaccine death and injury are happening. And they use our babies!!!

Wanted by Dept. of Justice, Paul Thorsen...stealing research money for vaccine studies...on Mercury Autism Link...CDC still uses his 36 studies as the proof that vaccines do not cause Autism.

Experiments on Children at Philadelphia Children's Hospital, Paul Offit, says vaccines are good and vitamins are bad... 

Dallas Greenberg, leader of a family that portrays themselves as different people, and act out events or circumstances to fool the public to enrich themselves... causing wars, that allow raping and pillaging our PLANET...That create sicknesses, pain and misery for all, while they make money off those illnesses they create.
Everything they do is to create more profit and value for their corporations, while personally enriching themselves through a foundation to donate to, collect a retirement/work check from the role they are playing, and/or anything to do with $$...

So why is there no current research being done by the government to investigate the possible vaccine-autism link? The official response from the CDC is that they have studied the issue, and they definitively state that there is no link. They also continue to state that there is no link between the mercury-based vaccine ingredient thimerosal and autism, but they removed it from most childhood vaccines sometime around 2001 “just to be safe.” The annual flu vaccine still contains mercury, however, and is recommended for both children and pregnant women.

Well, there are several problems to the CDC’s claims that they have investigated this issue.

First, it is public knowledge that one of their main researchers, Dr. Poul Thorsen, was indicted for fraud for stealing millions of dollars in research grants to study the thimerosal mercury link to autism. He is still on the run today and at large. He was an author in 36 studies with the CDC on the issue of mercury in vaccines and autism.
When questioned about this man’s research that the CDC has relied upon in the Congressional Hearing last year, the reply the CDC gave by Dr. Boyle was that his fraud did not negate the “wider body” of research that existed.

Which brings us to another problem regarding the CDC’s “other” research that supposedly shows there is no link between thimerosal mercury and autism. A man by the name of Brian Hooker, a PhD scientist, has been fighting the CDC since 2004 in trying to get them to comply with Freedom of Information Acts to see this research, and how they came to the conclusion that there was no link between mercury in vaccines and autism. (Dr. Hooker was not allowed to testify at the Congressional Hearing last year, but he submitted written comments that you can read after the video clips here). The CDC apparently believes they are above the law regarding the Freedom of Information Act, and have fought to withhold most of the information Dr. Hooker has requested. Why?

Alan E. Guttmacher, M.D. has served as Director of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development since August 2010, following a term as Acting Director beginning in December 2009.

The height is right for both of them. Look at the hair... Notice how their ears are different in the 2 pics I did of each one. A man with the same name, Guttmacher, started Planned Parenthood too...Still trying to figure out my draw program and do the lines biometrically for the ears. Working on it...The inside tip of the earlobe is unusual and has that little bump on both pics of the fuzzy ones..

Same big blue vein by the eye..and the other is the Dr.Guttmacher, who started Planned Parenthood too. 

"Interesting to note how the vaccine schedule has almost tripled since the establishment of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986 whereby vaccine manufacturers were granted immunity from law suits and the special master's court was established to settle vaccine injury claims outside the normal courts system and away from the public eye along with gag orders. That should tell you a lot

Pharmaceutical companies are in the business of making money not protecting people. So it is in their best interest to cause harm to the population. Usually people realize this when they are already injured. I wonder why people don't investigate before the fact and not the opposite, especially after they read about the side effects. Most people think they have the option to either believe or not believe. But there is a third option: search for the truth. Even here you have to be smart. I met many couples that researched the medical journals and came out believing that the vaccines were safe. A vaccine study Is like reading a marketing brochure from the company that did it. i fell victim of that myself one time.

Vaccinated kids are seven times more likely to be sickly than un-vaccinated kids, so right on, keep those vaccinated sickly kids away from the un-vaccinated healthy kids . Also it is quite retarded I agree to assume that an unvaccinated child can cause a disease outbreak in vaccinated kids right? because what does that tell you about the efficacy of vaccinating? Gosh people can be stupid "

This is Mark Blaxill he will tell you the truth...
And this is a truth you will never hear on TV, or from a doctor...

And you can go here and watch a video showing ear bio-metrics to prove Greenbergs are up to no good proven... 

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