Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pharmaceutical Corporations Try To Cover Up Vaccine Deaths!

No 2 batches are the same this seems to say too.
Vaccine deaths cover up ... moving vials to reduce suspicions.
1979 just think what they do now .
Damn shame that parents don't understand what is happening to our children...............The proof is all available!
Absolutley Despicable!!!!
Well in 1980-84 some time. A Belgian Vet. who had been working for big pharma was on his way to a TV interview where he would spill the beans on big pharma. He got shot by 2 people with shotguns the same morning in front of his wife an children. There was no investigation.
Stay unvaxed, go organic non processed vegan.

How to cover ... That's sad
I'm all for limiting SIDS, so get RID of the VACCINES altogether until they find a way to do it without the premeditated murder - too deadly an aftermath for a trusting parent.
Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines
Wow, just wow.
Some people will do ANYTHING for money.
Its just making sure any single revolver only has one bullet, What's that game called?

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