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Vitamin K Shot is toxic OMG!!!!!!!!!

New Ethicals Compendium also warns that the use of Konakion can cause jaundice and kernicterus in infants. Other listed side effects include flushing, sweating, cyanosis, a sense of chest constriction, and peripheral vascular collapse.I also had "peripheral vascular collapse. " All the veins in my arms and legs just stopped working...they dissappeared...and I had absolutly nopulse in any part they tried to find one... I had to work hard to stay alive at that point.Stopping the morphine (that slowed my heart) and drinking coffee and cokes to force actions to push blood to these areas...I switched to Percocets for pain (all my tissues, limbs, and joints were in pain and swelling), but only for a short time, 8 months, did I take the pills...then stopped in order to let my liver have as much health as possible to help me.

Toxic ingredients accompanying the Vitamin K
·         The vitamin K injections administered by hospitals and manufactured by Merck and Roche and Abbott contain benzyl alcohol as a preservative. The 1989 PDR states that, "there is no evidence to suggest that the small amount of benzyl alcohol contained in AquaMEPHYTON (Merck's vitamin K injection product), when used as recommended, is associated with toxicity." Interestingly, in November 1988, the French medical journal, Dev Pharmacol Ther, published a paper regarding benzyl alcohol metabolism and elimination in babies. The report stated that "...we cannot directly answer the issue of safety of 'low doses' of benzyl alcohol as found in some medications administered to neonates. This study confirms the immaturity of the benzoic acid detoxification process in premature newborns."
·         Roche's vitamin K product KONAKION contains ingredients such as phenol (carbolic acid-a poisonous substance distilled from coal tar), propylene glycol (derived from petroleum and used as an antifreeze and in hydraulic brake fluid) and acetic acid (an astringent antimicrobial agent that may drastically reduce the amount of natural vitamin K that would have otherwise been produced in the digestive tract). As reported in the PDR and as published in the IM vitamin K packet inserts for Merck, Roche and Abbott, "Studies of carcinogenicity, mutagenesis or impairment of fertility have not been conducted with Vitamin K1 Injection (Phytonadione Injection, USP)."
·         The Vitamin K injection can be in a base of polyethoxylated castor oil. 
·         Vitamin K injections also contain hydrochloric acid and lecithin.

On my other blog, I just posted to show you  the cascade and reasons specifically why some are, and some may not be affected by these toxins...A game of Russian Roulette...

Why the newborn Vitamin K shot is toxic and should be avoided by every parent seeking to raise a healthy child.

"My preemie babies were given Hep B before leaving the NICU to go home. (I was sadly misinformed at this time). My last child was born July 2014 and I was more informed. I refused Hep B shot for my child. But they said my husband gave permission. My child was injected with Hep B against my consent. My husband did not give consent. He assumed I did. My child was not even 24 hours old when he was given the shot. I was too drugged up with pain meds from a complicated c section to fully be aware in order to properly be asked. Hospitals in the USA force the issue!"
I hope your sound, and video works for this...important and amazing interview with the founder of ...
 Ms. Marcella Piper Terry - Biomedical consultant

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