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Tetanus Reaction Worries

I looked into your reaction...and found some info...
Tetanus Toxoid IgG test, is what to ask your doctor to do...
Here is where I found the info...
Very interesting to read...Her illness was a slow on set...Her story is very similar in symptoms, and experience with doctors to my pesticide poisoning too.
Document everything.
I had a tetanus shot at ‪Maui‬ Medical 2 years ago given to me by Dr. Guzman (the nurse was at lunch) and had absolutely no reaction.

I've had all the series of vaccines‬ that people get going overseas...1 in both arms every week it seemed, and had huge swollen and red arms, if a fly landed on my arm I would be in horrible pain (I was 10 at the time)...I hope your ‪#vaccination‬ reaction fades quickly...but the info is good to know...

I also hope that the ‪vaccine is not one of the ‪‎GMO‬ genetically modified vaccines of the 300 clinical trials going on in ‪‎Hawai'i‬ through U of H corporation ...Hawaii Biotech....

Here is a link to adverse reaction symptoms...
RARE symptom you are having...
swelling, blistering, or pain at place of injection (severe or continuing)

Sorry to get into your business but...I'm kind of a good researcher, and might be putting the info on my blog...The WHO just got busted giving a vaccine that has 2 boosters right after the 1st for ‪‎Tetanus‬ that included sterilization hormones in them...And they only gave it to girls of childbearing years...
Will be in that post too...

By Jan DeGrandchamp It was a beautiful fall day, the Friday after Thanksgiving 2000, and the holiday was very enjoyable. A few months earlier, I moved to a small town in California to be closer to my family. I started a new job and purchased a small cabin. Most of my weekends were spent camping…

After seven polite phone calls, I realized that no one was
ever going to return my calls.  The fact that I even suggested the Tetanus
shot may have caused my symptoms probably made they flag my file.  I called
my HMO to let them know what had happened and asked for a new doctor.
Here's a news flash-company policy states that a patient cannot see a new
doctor until the beginning of the next month.  I had to wait three more
weeks to see a new physician.

A few days later, the pain began to increase.  I called the HMO again to
see if I could go to the Emergency Room near my job.  Yes, I was still
trying to work.  It sounds crazy, but I am very determined when it comes to
keeping my commitments.  Actually, my employer was very understanding and
let me sit at my desk all day and do very little.  The HMO told me to call
the administrative offices of the old clinic and ask them where the nearest
Emergency Room was located.  Technically, I was still under their care
until the end of the month.  A clerk said that since my condition was not
life threatening (how she knew that, I will never know), I could not go to
the Emergency Room and I should go to Urgent Care instead.  That was a
drive of over an hour to a different county.  Even though I felt as if I
was going to pass out, I got in my car and drove the 80 miles and somehow
found the facility.  My legs would seize up and become very stiff.  I would
have to lift them with my hand in order to use the brakes or change gears.
It is a miracle that I didn't have a traffic accident.

In hindsight, I realize that I wasn't thinking very clearly, which was a
large part of my illness.  Mentally, I was very confused and being
assertive took too much energy.  The fatigue and exhaustion diminished my
ability to make logical decisions.  All I knew was that I hurt, but I
didn't know what to do about it.  I felt as if I was wandering through a
foggy maze of rules and regulations while totally disoriented.

Foolish me-I thought the Urgent Care physician would see my pain.  After
telling him how much I hurt, he said it was only stress and that I should
relax and maximize my food intake.  Stress does not cause excruciating,
burning pain!  He said that once I relaxed, the soreness would go away.
Since I still had not heard from the original clinic about my blood tests,
the Urgent Care physician called them for my results.  They were normal.
He could not understand why the clinic would not let me know the results
without making another appointment-and he did not understand why I was
given a Tetanus shot.  There was absolutely no medical reason to give me
one.  His diagnosis was "general malaise" - a catch-all phrase for
tiredness and stress.  He prescribed a sleep aid and sent me home.  I felt
very discouraged because this physician could not see how much I hurt.  He
seemed oblivious to how I felt.  
...The woman in Arizona suggested that I get a Tetanus Toxoid IgG test, so I
requested one from my doctor.  Her results were elevated at over 7.0; mine
showed a level at 6.26.  My physician, however, was unable to explain to me
what the results actually meant other than I had a reaction to the shot.
It is my understanding that after two weeks our levels should have been
closer to 1.0 rather than at these high levels after a month or two.  Our
test results showed that we had high levels of Tetanus Toxoid in our
systems, much higher than normal.
After all of this, the only conclusion that I can make is that there really
isn't anything special about my case.  It is a documented fact that a
certain number of people react to vaccines-and I was one of them.  My
reaction is considered a statistical probability-the "one in a million"
that just happens.  Of the small percentage of people who experience
vaccine reactions, an even smaller percentage will be able to apply for the
Program.  They lack the appropriate medical assistance and documentation.
In my group, only one other woman filed.  We both gathered as much evidence
as we could, however, I won and she lost.  Her case was denied because her
medical records did not provide enough evidence that the vaccine caused her

...I won my case was because I refused to allow the federal government to
treat me as if I were worthless.   I know that I have rights-the right to
choose, the right to be informed, and the right to be treated with respect.
 After more than three years, I was compensated for my reaction to a common
inoculation.  Many cases take much longer than this, often without success.

I learned some valuable lessons, but they were lessons of pain and
struggle.  I will never be the same.  My muscles are still stiff and always
ache.  I cannot raise my arms over my head without feeling pain, and I
wobble and lose my balance when I walk.  I wear a medical alert tag that
says "no vaccines" so that I will not be given a Tetanus shot if I am in an
accident.  I am getting stronger every day and I know that I will
eventually get better.  Someday, I will dance again.


Jan DeGrandchamp was born in Santa Barbara, California.  After attending
local schools, she obtained an A.S. degree in Business and Management.  She
was employed as an Administrative Assistant for various businesses in
California and Oregon, including a community hospital and a major film

Music has always been one of her favorite pastimes, especially gospel
music.  She sang and danced with Della Reese's church choir in Los Angeles,
California, for over two years.  Her other hobbies included camping and
hiking, all of which she has stopped.

Currently, she lives near Portland, Oregon, to be close to her son.  Her
illness has forced her to move several times.  Next year, she hopes to find
a more permanent residence.  She spends most of my time trying to improve
her health and singing in a small, sit-down band.

Since I have brought my personal life into this I want to tell you what happened to me yesterday...I need to get a health certificate every year for my dog to live in the apt. complex...if not eviction...It is a federal/state/county housing...
I get really sick from pesticides, and know I become disabled like 2 times a decade from exposure to pesticides... If you have no money you pay no rent or utilities...Just in case it happens to me I thought this would help. And it did...1 month after I moved here...Slow on set and crippled since 2008, when I 1st moved in!. Better now though...I lost my job and everything. They didn't even send me a get well card, and I was working for what I thought was a caring organization...The Pacific Whale Foundation too
My 13 year old Teriann, Whippet, Terrier, Chihuahua (20 lbs) , who I have taken care of since she was 10 months old...The beginning of her life she got the vacs. before I got her, but not until she was 5 did she receive any more...Then I moved here, and all that was required...I really didn't know that much about vaccines then too.
But, I noticed she would be psycho  for quite a while afterwards...or maybe that was the flea medicine, it all happened at the same time...When she went to the vet!

I had to go to the vet yesterday...Remember she will be 14 years old in October of this year. That is very old for a dog, and I feel blessed...

The vet (new vet -her other retired) is a super sales person, and I'm a chump...
Last time they told me 50 bucks, and I spent 250...cleaned out my bank account...Plus the stuff, heart worm and flea combo drops, for her neck they gave me made her psycho and I stopped using them...They even sold me a pesticide for fleas I knew I would never use! They wanted me to buy the dog toothpaste...But, my account was empty...And they wrote that my dog needed teeth cleaning on my paper!

Health and heart worm check is $55...with vaccine is $139...I said no 13 years old...and without a titer test to see where she is at in her body ...NO

Maybe I should call that other vet near me instead...? But, I know what to expect with this one...Can build defenses before hand...By practicing saying NO!... 
This is what happened::
Vet took $80 and no vaccination...I had to jump up and down and argue for about 10 minutes, and they had 2 vets trying...He said he was going to note that on my paper for the apt. manager...More threats...
"She will die!" Trying to scare me...for another $100 dollars...
All he did was make an arrow saying the last time she got vaccinated 2 years ago...

The manager asked what that meant when I took the paper to the office...I told her it noted the last time she was vaccinated...And added, "She is too old to get shots now...She is 14 years old this year."
The office manage said, "OMG... She looks like she is so young! OK"

NO worms and I have been mostly feeding her raw food too.

I was also put through the mill over dental cleaning for another $350...My last vet told me to give her some raw meat soup bones for her to chew on...
But, he offered to do it for me for 229 bucks...She would have to go under though... I like the bones better...If she has a problem with her mouth or eating then maybe...

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