Friday, February 20, 2015

300 clinical trials testing GMO vaccines on children....

People are Hawaii...Don't believe that magazine article saying we are the healthiest in the USA!

We have the highest rates of breast cancer on Maui in USA, and on Kauai they have 10xs the national rate of a heart deformity...Among many other sicknesses we are suffering from ...Like on Maui we also have the highest rate of Hepitiis C for the USA...10xs what is considered normal...BECAUSE they are growing it in the GMO CORN????

Did you know the Air Forces operation to spray Vietnam was "Operation Ranch Hand" very similar...The county councils, state Ag, State officials in every dept, U of Hawaii, and the U of Hawaii Board , professors, and admins personal corporation HawaiiBIOTECH‬... They use Hegelian Dialect...

These monsters, who are the U of H school of medicene, U of H admins, board, and professors started this corporation ...and why Judge Kurren has stepped aside in our case...His wife is the one who was the "BRAINS" behind it!!!....They  have 300 clinical trials going on in Hawaii with associations with all the major chemical corporations pharma spin-offs using GMO in vaccines...They say it's easier to trick people to become a part of their studies here in Hawaii..!!!! I guess we are really stupid here!!!

vaccine technology

West Nile Virus
Hawaii Biotech believes that its experience and ability in producing protein antigens allows the Company to develop vaccines targeting numerous infectious diseases. These prophylactic vaccines are well suited to meet demanding requirements for safety, production yield, rapid response, and efficacy. The Company’s vaccine technology is based on the production of high quality recombinant proteins using stable insect cell lines. The high quality of the proteins produced results in immune responses equivalent to, or better than, traditional live or inactivated virus approaches. Furthermore, the purified recombinant proteins provide for an improved safety profile. This platform technology is applicable to a wide variety of diseases including West Nile, dengue, tick borne encephalitis, influenza, hepatitis C, malaria, Japanese encephalitis, Ebola, Eastern equine encephalitis, and others. We have focused our attention on the development of vaccines against West Nile, dengue, and tick borne encephalitis viruses. Analysis by X-ray crystallography of one of HBI’s dengue proteins was featured on the cover of the journal “Nature” (January 22nd, 2004).
Several reasons make Hawaii a viable place for Hawaii Biotech:
• Large University of Hawaii Research Effort
• Clinical Trial Center
Large University of Hawaii Research Effort
Hawaii Biotech is a potential beneficiary of a much larger biotech research effort occurring at the University of Hawaii (UH). UH has established a new $150 million biomedical research facility, which will house 30-40 new biotech researchers. When combined with more than $50 million in biotech related research currently in place at UH, this expanded effort is expected to provide a catalyst for the development of the biotech industry in Hawaii.
As the oldest biotech company in Hawaii, Hawaii Biotech is uniquely positioned to benefit from this research. We have excellent long term relationships with UH and their technology transfer office, as several of the Company’s founders were faculty members at UH.
Clinical Trial Center
Hawaii is emerging as a preferred location for human clinical trials conducted by major pharmaceutical, biotech, contract research organizations (CROs), and site management organizations (SMOs) looking to bridge Caucasian, Japanese, and other Oriental populations. Hawaii’s dense population and ease of patient recruitment gives it a competitive advantage compared to other areas in the country with a large Japanese ethnic population. In addition, Hawaii has developed clinical development capabilities that have attracted non-ethnic studies as well.
Close to 300 clinical trials are currently underway in Hawaii. Sponsors and managers include each of the ten largest global pharmaceutical companies, 42 of the 50 largest pharmaceutical/biotech companies, major CROs and SMOs, and government agencies, including Merck, Pfizer, Amgen, Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, Biogen-Idec, Quintiles, Covance, Radiant Research, and the National Cancer Institute. This clinical trial capability provides Hawaii Biotech with convenient access to a critical mass of infrastructure important to its value creation strategy.

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